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George Crumb, Voice of the Whale, Sea Nocturne
Page 15, middle of second line
Another example of chord-producing glissando, this time an f-minor chord is produced.

Toward the end of the “Sea Nocturne,” there is a curtailed reiteration of the Also sprach Zarathustra theme. This time, only one big chord is heard before the low, muted notes. This is an F minor chord that is produced with the same technique as we had seen in the previous example. In order to ensure that only these chord tones are sustained, Crumb reminds the pianist not to depress the pedal until after the glissando. During the eighth-note rest (not visible in the example) that precede this F minor chord, the notes of the chord should be depressed silently, and the pedal should still be down. Crumb places the indication “lasciare vibrare” under this rest. This means “continue to sound” In fact, the pedal has been down since the beginning of the “Sea Nocturne.” The pedal should be released during the glissando and quickly depressed again.
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