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George Crumb, Voice of the Whale, Cenozoic (Var. V)
Example of glissando over multiple strings that is produced by the thumbnail of the right hand and the fingertip of the left hand.

The Also sprach Zarathustra theme returns in Cenozoic, but this time the glissando is marked fortissimo. Crumb’s instructions are even more specific here. He writes in the score that this glissando is to be played with both the thumb nail of the right and the finger tip of the left hand. This sound enhances the metallic clanginess that comes from the glass rod that at this point is still resting on top of the keys. There are no other places in Voice of the Whale where the pianist is asked to use the thumbnail for a glissando, so is very easy to overlook this instruction. Any finger combination is possible, but the important thing is to simultaneously use a fingernail on one hand and a fingertip on the other.
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